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Suitable for almost any metalwork

If your home or business has metalwork that's suffered damage or corrosion, you may be thinking about having it replaced. However there could be a cheaper option. Kensington Services can provide a professional on-site welding service, keeping your costs low without sacrificing quality.

Whether it's a staircase that's suffering from rusted parts, or security bars that have been damaged, we can help. Our reliable on-site welding service means that any downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum, with the added benefit of being much cheaper than a full replacement.

Adjustments and alterations

We can also undertake alterations and adjustments to almost any type of metalwork you may have on your premises, prolonging the useful life of staircases, gates, railings and security bars.


To find out just how much you could save compared to the cost of replacements, call us now to discuss your requirements.

Our other services

If your metalwork is simply too badly damaged to be worth repairing, why not take a look at what else we can do? We offer a range of custom-made staircases, gates & railings and security bars, as well as a whole range of other products and services.


If you can't see what you're looking for, we can probably still help! Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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